Saturday, February 5, 2011

Its not must, that we should regret upon sorrows!

When we can make a better living than the routine, what stops us?

'The deepest of one's self is witnessed, not when we are truly happy, but when there is a mount of regrets standing tall in front of us to be encountered'... Most times the Philosopher within us gets life, when we are broken. Its always easy for others to throw some convincing words at us. Though our heart actually looks for it that time, the pain we suffer, always remains bigger than the feel, their words give.

Friends are the greatest asset in one's college life and am no exception, I have a bunch of cool and caring guys. That day started good with our unplanned visit to Saarang, annual cultural festival of IIT, Madras. Wow, mind blowing, excellent were few words among the many to describe my exclamation, looking at the proceedings there. No doubts, I had something to worry about not being a part of the ones, so called IITians. 

With loud speakers attracting crowd at some locations and many good looking gals spreading fragrance of charm all around, I bet, its definitely the best place to spend the Republic day. Never did i imagine, till the moment I received a call, that anything like what was conveyed to me over phone, would have happened. With much of confusion when I called my dad, god!, it was one tough moment when I heard my dad's voice being low and I could sense his tears though separated by hundreds of kms. They wanted nothing but my earliest arrival to my native.

My mind went for a quicker flashback. The man who is the root for a family, best at its liveliness, affection, intimacy and all attributes that measure the care and concern within a family! Mostly I remember him in bare body with just a dhothi and a white towel. The one behind all happiness in family, the one from whom the genes of perfection, affection, simplicity, greatness, nobility were inherited is no more. The soul that was running all through its life till the last moment within some eight acres of land and not beyond, finally gotta rest. None in my family could accept it or either live with it. 

The aftermath had a great impact. Many felt he had a best way to rest in peace. But my mind went in search of something that could explain to me, the customs of Real Life. To me, he left many things to perceive, chew and digest. 

Do what you would expect from others.
If the root is good and healthy, so is the entire tree.
Limit your expectations.
You never lose anything by doing good.
Never broadcast your sorrows.
Happiness is a moment's thing. Don't take it any deep than that.
If you are noble, Respect travels with you.
Done things, shouldn't be needed to be done again...

The list goes long and long. To keep it simple, I had a role model with me always. It feels that, if I try to replicate what all he accomplished, that's better than shedding tears for hours because, lost is only his physical presence, not the path he showed us for living great. 

When a train travels in the opposite direction to ours, it would look to move much faster. But its just an illusion, and so is our sorrows. They are actually much milder than it appear to us. Just because its against our happiness, it's magnitude seems huge. Behind every bad thing, the good thing is, there is something left for us to be perceived. 

When we can show a better way to live, never follow the routine. Souls live forever...