Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Home-maker... Maker of everything!

Does the soul, that gave life to us, get the love and care, it deserves?

Happened to see a school bus passing by, on my way to office. Its really a pleasure, looking at all those smiling faces inside, that doesn't know anything but, to be happy to live that moment. Not a surprise! I got reminded of my childhood days as narrated by my mom, like holding her tight to prevent myself to be arrested for a whole day in school, when the van gives a horn(sound that I hated the most those days, I swear), being with her always when she is not feeling well, too many kisses that I got from her, etc, etc.

To keep it simple, her words framed all my subconscious beliefs, behavior, character and my entire self. Those were the lessons in my Bible for life. All of a sudden felt very bad about myself for, my harsh words that I used at times(that keep on increasing day by day), the secrets I hid, above all, my immaturity that makes me forget that I was a child to her, am a child, and am will be always her's!

Yeah! I can't neglect the fact that, all what she said made sense to me those days and even at times nowadays. Those were the best without doubts. Yet, I remember saying "You don't know all these. Don't interfere", few many times. I would get just a smile as reply. That's mom! That's the ever loving soul! That's her tolerance! 

Sorry! I was ignorant these many days that I hardly expressed my love for her, which she values the most! My inner voice buzzed me with some questions and that brought me some wisdom.

Me:"Am a fool! What made me this bad? Am a stupid. Should have known this long back"

Inner Voice(IV): "Come on man! It all happens. Now answer my questions."


IV: "Will you hug your mom when you see her next?"

Me: "Definitely! Awaiting for it!"

IV: "Will you have a nap on her lap?"

Me: "Wow! That will be the peaceful sleep after a  long time!"

IV: "What was the biggest thing that you got from her?"

Me: "Um... A pen in 10th standard!"

IV: "Tats sad! Haven't you missed any of these? Her fingers through your hair? Her company when you are ill? Her words when you are morally down? Her kiss that motivated you ever?"

That was the moment when tears rolled out my eyes and I really realized whom she is, what she mean to me, why she is always great to me! Thank god! Its never late.

Looking for my time off to see her and experience what all I enjoyed in my childhood days! Whomsoever we may be, she owns us to the fullest! I understand the pain she incurred in bringing me up without blamed by anyone! 

Love, care and affection multiplies when expressed. And, I bet, that brings million dollar happiness!

Yeah! The Soul deserves a lot! And making it happy is never a mystery!