Monday, August 15, 2011

There's only one Voice - Voice of the People and that's the voice of the Nation!!

Most often I ask to myself  "What is the contribution I made to my Homeland, so that I claim more from it?" - an Awakening.

How will any reasonable Indian define his country?? Probably, as a nation with 1.3 billion humans; morethan 100 thriving languages; known for its Culture; world's biggest 'Democracy' : Yeah! none can stop us from asking the question, "What is the true meaning of Democracy? I swear, it's a mystery still. Let me give my definition. A nation with 1.3 billion incapable humans; separated by morethan 100 languages which causes a serious threat to the unity of the nation; rotting Culture, and the worst ever democracy of the decade.

When you don't have the freedom of Speech; when you don't have the freedom of living; when you don't have the freedom to stand for your rights, we can never say we are being 'ruled' by the people, we elected. We are literally 'dictated'. The saddest part of the fight, for the revival of a good governance, is that, most people here are fighting for their survival, their living!!. They never know what's governance is in the first hand; How can I expect them to give their voice against 'bad governance'? The ignorance of people was the biggest threat and now it got the support of 'Activists for benefits' who inject the most effective poison of 'Separatism' in the minds of the people for their own goodness.

We used to boast saying we promote 'Unity in Diversity'. Do we? True to our hearts? When we don't have the liberty to speak in our own language and expect the people around us to understand what we spoke, we don't stand united anymore. This happened to be the success factor of most politicians and thereby they keep us divided by some means. The movement that is most spoken these days, THE SECOND FREEDOM STRUGGLE - Independence from corruption, looting, bad governance and most importantly 'Dictatorship' in the name of Democracy, gives us a hope to bring back the reign of people friendly government.

Frustrated, listening to the foolish comments made by all those so called knowledgeable ministers. They spoke lots and definitely they crossed the limits. They are focused on things like 'Suppressing any movement that can bring threat to their government, finding bugs in all people who stand against corruption'. And the comment that irritated much is 'Un-elected people dictating terms to elected people'. Goddamn. They misunderstood the meaning of being elected. Its not just getting elected by people by votes. I agree, the people who fight against corruption are not elected. But, let me clarify one thing. They are 'accepted' by a billion people though they are not elected. Its not the voice of a handful of people. Its the voice of the nation. Is it a tough thought, for these looting idiots to understand?

I cannot stop the frustration it creates, listening to the nasty idiots speaking some crap, sitting in the chairs of most responsible positions in the country. Its late for sure, to stand against corruption when almost every cell in our body got accustomed to it. But, in the case of we not checking it, I swear there is no future for this nation and its people. There's a limit for tolerance of people here and it never means the people are not watching what's happening around. Its sad that, when we have a body to ensure proper means by which the representatives are elected, we don't have any watchdog to monitor the working of the same.

Set aside the thought that, what a single voice can do! It will do marvels. Only when we raise our voice, others will get a chance to know that there are people whom they can support! Enough of being robbed. When there are millions still starving for food in this nation, what prompts these blood sucking bugs to loot billions of dollars, euros, pounds and safe it in a place that is of no use to anyone, anywhere! 

Guys, its the Survival of the fittest and no doubt, if we don't stand high for our rights, we will end up with nothing. Let's there be a meaning to our life and a trace that we lived. We remember Gandhiji; we remember Nethaji; we remember Nehru; we remember Kalam. Don't this urge ourselves, to contribute something to this holy land, that gave us everything and also the will to stand for our freedom, to be remembered? Its our Nation and its our responsibility to make it stand high. Unless the laws are strong, the crimes can never be stopped. Stand high for the purpose; set aside the diversities; we are all Indians. To make it proud, it lies only in our hands! 

Freedom is nothing else, but a chance to be better!!

There should be a meaning for our life and a trace that we lived!!